Sri Anta Wedding

New Year's Day 2020




On day 4 together, Joe looked at Mari and said, “What do you think about eloping under the Aurora Borealis?”

Since then, we have developed ourselves and our relationship so intently in so many ways, going inward to heal ourselves and our bond. We put in LOTS of work to let go of what was, and our relationship has become more solid and stronger than ever as Partners in Love.


With our new approach and our new names, we vowed to center ourselves with Love, kindness, patience, and understanding. It has changed how we how we support ourselves as individuals, each other as partners, and our Love forever in everything we do. 

And, on June 30, 2019, these flourishing beings made a decision; Zaid asked Aiyana to continue this journey with him and commit on all levels by asking her to be his wife. Of course, she said, "Yes."


Almost 4 years later and Aurora Borealis is STILL where we'd Love to state our vows in an intimate setting in front of our nearest and dearest! We would LOVE for YOU & YOURS to join us.


The New Year has always been a significant time for us. We’ll be wedding in Anchorage, Alaska on January 1, 2020.


Travel Information

All flights are being booked on an individual basis. We will be available to pick everyone up from the airport upon arrival and drop everyone off for their departure. 


On top of your flight fees, first check-in bag is $30/person. Second check-in bag is $40. 1 personal item and 1 carryon is free


We will be renting a van for our convenience to get us around for anything we'd like to do for the duration of our stay. Our focus is to spend quality time hanging out with you all and have our families get to know each other. 


So far, we've done our best and have capped the total at  $1,000/person including airfare, room, food, and bonding.


We understand that this can be an undertaking, but this is A ONE TIME EVENT,  and we don't want any what ifs for our special day - that ain't how we do.




Group AirBnB/Venue: 11112 Mausel St., Eagle River, AK 99577

Link to view space coming soon.

Pack clothes in layers! It will be between 24 and 10 degrees outside, so snow gear is necessary. 

However, inside the AirBnB, it will be nice and toasty, so light sweaters, t-shirts, leggings, pants, jeans, and comfy sleepy clothes will be good; and one semi-formal outfit for the ceremony. 


The ceremony venue is in the AirBnB, so NO need to travel in your fancy gear or freeze any buns off. The venue is TBD. It will be booked as soon as we get RSVPs so we can accommodate all who are coming.

FELLAS: For the male bonding experience, ice fishing is on the itinerary, so be prepared to have lots o' laughs, fun, and cold buns.

LADIES: For the female bonding experience, plan on a spa day, so layers to shed and light, comfy clothing for a warm space and a good pampering is the way to go. 

BOTH: Do bring one semi-formal outfit for the wedding ceremony as we do plan to say our vows while looking fanciful. Wear whatever you'd like but if you're interested to know, the colors of the wedding are those on this site: thistle, magenta, cobalt, pastel yellow, and silver.


As of now, we are looking into catering for the wedding day, depending on which is open on 01/01/2020 being that restaurant is open. 

For the rest of the meals, we would like for all of us to share our favorite recipes and cook for each other as part of our bonding experience. 


We're ECSTATIC You're Coming!

We are confirmed four our stay with a group of 7 (+baby)

for any questions, concerns, or ideas that would make this event ESUPER magical.


if there's anything urgent you need us to consider or you just wanna sent LOVE

We're truly looking forward to this

amazing experience of OUR lifetime

and would really LOVE

for YOU to share it with US.