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Who Ordered the Poo?

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

If you haven't already, start with Step 1 of this Forgiveness Process: How to Forgive and Why. Welcome to Step 5.

Alright, Beautiful Beings. You’ve done ALL that forgiving for the past 3 weeks. What gives? Things are still not rainbows and unicorn poop. You’re out of shampoo, you're still stubbing toes, can’t find your keys, and your favorite coffee just tastes all kindsa crappy and all before 8am. Let. It. Go. Two things: you’re not actually present in your daily activities and/or you’re not letting harmful thoughts/habits pass.

If by the time you stubbed your toe, you were already cursing yourself or the shampoo itself for not being available, you’ve already strung together a popcorn string of rabbit crap. It will continue to be highly strung as long as you are.

If you let one thing go at a time, your day can turn around completely. Until then, you’re giving off the vibe that you want a crap sandwich to be kept in your pocket all day, forgotten about 'til you clean out your pockets after you’ve dried your freshly washed clothes. I mean, why'd you order the poo in the first place? You didn't? WAIT. You swear you ordered the avocado sandwich, but were served up a poo sandwich instead. OK. Then, why DIDN'T you let them know that's not what you ordered and you want your fricken avacado? Seriously. Come on now!

*Alright, I'm done with the poop references.*

Who’s in control of your life – your situations or you? And, believe it or not, “why me?” ain’t helping you either. If something you don’t like happens, isolate that moment, breathe in deep then let it go.

You can even commands that these situations don’t control you or the outcome of your experiences. BLAM, sucka. Who’s got the power now? Not that dresser you stubbed your toe on. So, breathe. Breathe deep. Know that whatever you’re vibing is brought to you on a silver platter, whether it be crap (last reference) or gold. Whaddya say about choosing the latter? You can have a golden day if you choose. Vibrate high. Let the next experience be beautiful.

Know that whatever you’re vibing is brought to you on a silver platter, whether it be crap or gold.

Remember, it may take a few experiences as you still may be holding on to some of that resentment or anger of just not being able to get it right. With each moment, allow yourself to rise above. Let some motivating quotes, beautifully inspiring music, or sweet memories take you forward.

Not every situation has to continue the previous energy unless you want it to. Forgive the situation – yes, the situation; it’s typically a moment for reflection that’s needed. And, if need be, forgive yourself – the true you knows, so check-internally. Move whatever crap (for real this time) doesn’t belong. Then, move onward and upward because you deserve it. YES, you do. SAY IT aloud, "I deserve a lovely existence." HeckYEAH! Wait, how? Well, here are some helpful steps whenever something...crap...unpleasant takes place:

  1. Close your eyes

  2. Breathe deep

  3. Exhale when ready

  4. Forgive the situation (e.g. "Water knocked over, I understand there's no need to rush through my situations. Thanks for the lesson. I forgive this and let it go."

  5. Claim, "I realize I deserve a lovely existence. [Add your fave Compelling Command]."

  6. Do this even if you gotta bare it through your teeth

  7. It is suggested you repeat this process until you have simmered down

  8. SIDENOTE: Let it go through tears or temporary yelling if you feel that'll truly help

You did it. Forgiveness is locked in. You know how and when to use it. Access it whenever needed. Be grateful that you're dropping, "bless this mess" and adopting "ease and grace all in this space." You and your deservin’ booty got this on lock!

Keep going, keep thriving. And, as always, lots o' Love to your Shining Light.

Step 1: How to Forgive and Why

Step 2: Forgiving Others

Step 3: Forgiving Authority/Hierarchy

Step 4: Forgiving Self

Step 5: Forgiving Situations

Aiyana gave me an amazing reading a few months ago. Many of the things she said felt a little shocking and she was pretty specific about stuff. I get skeptical when healers and psychics stay too vague during readings.


Aiyana was not one to mince words! Therefore, it has been easy for me to see results as specific things unfolded in my life. Let me tell you, she was ON THE NOSE about everything! I had a job that I loved at the time and she said: this isn’t the right place for you. I was floored! Then a few months later I discovered some labor abuse happening there behind my back.


She told me that I would struggle financially for a few months, but we would always have enough and if I waited it out things would be fine. Those were inspiring words while we waited through the rough patch, and now of course things have turned in our favor!


I could go on, but the point is, Aiyana has a very strong natural talent for this and she is super connected to the spirit world. I would trust her answer to any life questions because she’s got the humility to listen to what the spirit is telling her and the gentleness to convey the answers to her clients. Truly a magical experience! Highly recommended!


-Lizzy Boelter

Co-Owner of OiseauFoods

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