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This page is dedicated to events throughout the nation that have a purpose in helping communities and humanity to connect, be empowered, and thrive. Premium SBC Members will get to post events (respectively) twice a week. Guests can submit events for approval once a month. Such events may include:

  • arts programs support

  • body healing services (massage therapy, reiki, pranice healing...)

  • community fundraisers

  • ecological living hacks

  • financial literacy

  • mental health  

  • meditation groups

  • support groups

  • volunteerism

  • whatever your loving heart desires

*events/programs do not have to be your own, but they must have approval of the creator/instructor/service provider for the event. Soulcial Bizarro's intent create an accessible platform to different events/programs for SBVs. Unless otherwise stated, Soulcial Bizarro and Mari Soulcial does not own these events/programs or pictures affiliated and will not be held responsible or liable for events/program or pictures posted. 




Aiyana gave me an amazing reading a few months ago. Many of the things she said felt a little shocking and she was pretty specific about stuff. I get skeptical when healers and psychics stay too vague during readings.


Aiyana was not one to mince words! Therefore, it has been easy for me to see results as specific things unfolded in my life. Let me tell you, she was ON THE NOSE about everything! I had a job that I loved at the time and she said: this isn’t the right place for you. I was floored! Then a few months later I discovered some labor abuse happening there behind my back.


She told me that I would struggle financially for a few months, but we would always have enough and if I waited it out things would be fine. Those were inspiring words while we waited through the rough patch, and now of course things have turned in our favor!


I could go on, but the point is, Aiyana has a very strong natural talent for this and she is super connected to the spirit world. I would trust her answer to any life questions because she’s got the humility to listen to what the spirit is telling her and the gentleness to convey the answers to her clients. Truly a magical experience! Highly recommended!


-Lizzy Boelter

Co-Owner of OiseauFoods

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