Hello, Beautiful Beings. I'm Aiyana, a credentialed educator, who has undergone Spiritual Awakenings, exposing my Lightworker calling.


I now use my potent gifts and abilities to accelerate healing and train individuals, life partners, as well as families and groups, in accessing their best selves and utilizing Light to guide them to their most beneficial path.

My heart has always been in helping others get the most out of their experiences and enjoying the journey in the along the way.  


I've gathered all my knowledge and experiences from being an educator and a Lightworker to to clear all your chakra blocks to help YOU, who got that fire to desire anything from a simple change to a complete life overhaul for your most awesome life outcome.


How am I able to help with your energetic and mental blocks? Whew. Well, through my intense journey of healing, I've aligned myself and unlocked my Divine given gifts, blessing me to see beyond the basics and work miracles.


So, what does all THIS mean, really?
I was miserable, broke, and saw

NO WAY of how I could change my life.

I ran myself into the crapper trying to

FORCE  a happier existence instead of

focusing on my inner work - healing my spirit.


Well, then, I hit rock bottom.

And, in that moment, I had a choice...
I chose to FINALLY do the inner work and see where that could get me because trying to "make it happen" JUST WASN'T WORKING.

Now that I've done a TON of inner work, I stepped into my true mission, which is Shamanic Lightworker.

I'm a Healer & Intuitive for those who are TRULY ready to move forward and refuse to make anymore excuses as to why their life can't move forward from sucking, those who want a default of happiness.


Curious as to how I apply this?

I'm a certified Pranic Healer, Energy Healer via Energy Alchemy, Intuitive Energy Reader,

Spirit Guide Translator, Celestial Shaman, and

Giver o' Conducive Information

AKA Spiritual Trainer. 


If your goal is to be the best version of you,


If you're ready for your truest spiritual path, I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

If you're an entrepreneur aiming to uplift your community or humanity as a whole,


If you are an upleveling, expansion badass who can use some support,



If you're seeing this, it's TIME.

You're READY for incredible things to take place in your life. You GAVE your order to the Universe for a better life experience; your number has been called. These services I offer are your LOA manifestation.

Are you willing to take the next steps?


I cordially invite your awesomeness to join the journey to live in your own creation. Become a part of the  Soulcial Bizarro Connection. And, let's gets the healin'. 


Soulcial Bizarro is a frame of being. It's living from love, focusing on self-enhancements, connecting with what life has to offer, and insisting on thriving beings.


I'm not a fan of the question,

“what do you do for a living?”

That gives the impression that you live to work

and work is life.


For a living: I breathe, eat, hydrate, love, connect, meditate, 5D vibrate, and mentally levitate.


What do I do for money? Well, I don’t work. I WERK!

I do what I LOVE, which is helping you to

ignite your light, expand, uplevel, and get what you

TRULY desire in your personal AND business life.

"Love is magic! Truly loving yourself allows your gifts to fully evolve and flow where you want them to go, effortlessly and magically."


              - Aiyana Soulcial

Read more about Aiyana Soulical, her journey, and how she can help you. 

Aiyana gave me an amazing reading a few months ago. Many of the things she said felt a little shocking and she was pretty specific about stuff. I get skeptical when healers and psychics stay too vague during readings.


Aiyana was not one to mince words! Therefore, it has been easy for me to see results as specific things unfolded in my life. Let me tell you, she was ON THE NOSE about everything! I had a job that I loved at the time and she said: this isn’t the right place for you. I was floored! Then a few months later I discovered some labor abuse happening there behind my back.


She told me that I would struggle financially for a few months, but we would always have enough and if I waited it out things would be fine. Those were inspiring words while we waited through the rough patch, and now of course things have turned in our favor!


I could go on, but the point is, Aiyana has a very strong natural talent for this and she is super connected to the spirit world. I would trust her answer to any life questions because she’s got the humility to listen to what the spirit is telling her and the gentleness to convey the answers to her clients. Truly a magical experience! Highly recommended!


-Lizzy Boelter

Co-Owner of OiseauFoods

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