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You've had a life full of stress, pain, and discomfort. But, you KNOW that life wasn't meant to be this way. You deserve to feel free in your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit.  ​

I lived a life of "undiagnosable" and "incurable" pains, diseases, and conditions for the majority of my life. My healing journey has tapped into my gift of abilities to tell you what's happening in your physical and energetic body, WHY, and how to TRULY heal from it.


My path and experiences have lead me to help YOU. I'll get to the root cause of why your body, mind, and/or emotions are feeling so much pain and help move you forward in a way that's most beneficial for YOU - NO blanket possibilities or cookie cutter "solutions."


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Need to Feel the Power of True Healing Before Moving Forward?

Your heart is not only one of the most powerful centers in your human body; it's the most powerful in your energy body.

I thought I was so giving, open, and understanding, I thought my heart was fine and that I had nothing to work on; everybody else had things to work on...


That lead to a string of health problems because I refused to see how much help I needed. What I learned is that a hard heart leads to a lot of pain; and I had allowed my heart to exist that way.


Start healing by getting your vibe right. Get a FREE Heart Healing (a $75 value) to assist you in freeing up some space in your heart center - you're healing zone. 

To Get Healing Flowing, It All Starts With

Your Most Vital Organ 

FREE Heart Healing

Aiyana Soulcial is an Intuitive Lightworker Healer.

So, what does that mean? Though, many work with Light energy, only few signed up this lifetime to be able to tap into the deepest forms of Light to be bona fide healers that support others' inner journeys to outward healing in the most potent way.


Her life experiences have brought her to understand how to help people find their alignment, their peace, their Light, their Love for the purest joy life has to offer.


She has found transformative quantum means to move forward in self and for others through 

"unconventional" natural forms rooted in Shamanic revelations in connection with Divine Light energies.

Stop Guessing What Might Work to Get You Aligned with Attracting the Life You Desire and Get Real Answers

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Goals, Chakra Health Analysis, and the most benefical intel for YOU to start moving forward.

Our Energy Bodies Store the Information that Our Physical Bodies Experience

We're told so often that we are not eating the right foods, not doing the right exercises, not putting in the effort for our well-beings. So, we look outwards to all the possible ways we can "fix" ourselves. 

Truth is, we don't need fixing, we need clearings. When we clear our energy bodies, our physical bodies, mental wellness, and emotional capacities broaden to default in happiness and peace, both stemming from a space of unconditional Love.

Some believe that unconditional Love is impossible because those individuals keep looking outward. 

Our energetic systems pick up on signals that we decide are out truths for our existence. And, those can be changed to however we wish.

We can decide to have a life of pain or a life of feeling free. 


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In positions of serving the states' people, needs for personal well-being tend to be ignored.

Working for the State in the US can be one of the most stressful jobs. You have pressure from your civil duties, your state duties, and it's all bearing down from the government level. 

If all the destress practices in the world have not helped you out, you are NOT a hopeless case.

And, most likely, the consistent stress has brought more pains upon your body - neck pain, back pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, alcoholism...

I've put together a package for you to start healing FAST. Within 2 months, Deep Body Healing and Chakra Healings drastically increase in your energy levels, and your ability to feel free in your body and within your circumstances. 


Being that I truly understand this position, I put together a package with a special offer as a gift.

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Focusing on Your Health & Well-Being

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